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Sharon Ventura 

Figurative Abstract Artist 


Art Education: Canada, United States and Paris, France 

Master Student of Carmen Cereceda Bianchi - Leading Chilean Muralist & Apprentice of Diego Rivera 

Life Drawing, Studio Escalier, Paris, France, 2010, 

Life Drawing, Collin College, Texas, USA - 2001-2002 

Life Drawing, Open Studio, Toronto, Canada, 1985 

Life Drawing, Three Schools of Art, Toronto, Canada, 1983-1984 

Bachelor of Education - Visual Arts, University of Toronto, Canada, 1982-1983 

Fine Arts Program, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada, 1977-1979 

Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto, Canada, 1973-1977 


Group & Solo Exhibitions: 


“Femininity In Pop,” Galerie Klopffleisch, Cologne-Lindenthal, Germany 



Update Gallery, Bonn, Germany 



“Expectations,” 19 September - October 3, Cologne, Germany, 

Florence Biennale, Selections from Ventura V Series: 69 Paintings,, Florence, Italy 



Tabula Rasa Kunstmarkt 2016, Paintings and Prints, Bonn, Germany 

“Fragmented Identities,”  Ventura ” V” Series, International Art Expo: Borders, Venice, Italy 

“Women and Work," Portrait: Dr. Rosalind Franklin, Frauenmuseum,  Bonn, Germany 

“Flowers of Spring,” Galeria Galeano, Bonn, Germany 



“In Herself,”  Kunstvereins Bad Godesberg e.V., Bad Godesberg, Germany 

“just Sharon”, Galeria Galeano, Bonn, Germany 

“Eve Of Seduction,” Frauen in den Weltreligionen, Neunkirchen am Brand, Germany 



Galeria Galeano, Bonn, Germany 

“Offene Ateliers In Den Bonner Altstadt,” Bonn, Germany 

International Ladies Society, Brogsitter Sanct Peter, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany 

“Woman: Exposed Emotion,” Atelier "NebenEingang," Frauenmuseum,   Bonn, Germany 

“EVO-Frauen in den Weltreligionen,” Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany   

“Wer War Mona Lisa?”, Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany 



Emerging Artists, 14th Street Gallery Plano, Texas 

F.I G. Institute Gallery, The 20th Annual Obelisk Awards Gala, Dallas, Texas 

“Fiesta con Fusion”, Fusion Gallery - Plano, Texas 

“FALLing for Art,” Fusion Gallery, - Plano, Texas 

Green Peridot, Frisco, Texas (April) 

Green Peridot, Frisco, Texas (October) 

“Go Figure!,” The Arts Gallery, Plano, Texas 

“Fan Your Flame for the Arts,” Frisco, Texas 



“Skinny Models Need Not Apply,” Eclectic Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri 

Plano Art Association Exhibit, Plano, Texas 

“Second Annual Erotic Art Show,” Dallas, Texas 

Underground Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri 





Femininity In Pop, 2019 

Lindenthal-Köln, Germany       



Florence Biennale 2017 

Selections Ventura “V” Series: 69 Paintings 

Florence, Italy            



Women: Exposed Emotion, 2013 

Frauenmuseum, Bonn, Germany 




Address:    Nipkowstrasse 2, 53125 Bonn, Germany 

Contact:     0151 241 822 66 

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