Sharon Ventura - Figurative Abstract Painter of Women

Two Collections:
1. Figurative Series --   Mindfulness
2. Ventura "V" Series: 69 Paintings --  A Body Positive Initiative
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Mona Lisa 2012
Acyrlic On Wood

1. The Figurative Series are moments from my own thoughts and
experiences. Painting from a female perspective I use colour, line
and  the female body as a source of inspiration and design base to be
present with you each time we connect.

2. The Ventura "V" Series: 69 Paintings is
my campaign for art positive
messages surrounding the female body, sexuality and sensualities. It

nudges the imagination and
addresses the adult sexual agenda and
body in a modest, respectful direction.

Femininity In Pop Solo Exhibition & Video:
Cologne, Germany, 2019
                             Photo: Frank Norden
Engine Red - No. 33/69.          
Acrylic On Wood
TAP Image For Video:
Florence Biennalle 2017